maison des tresses et lacets
croquet blanc maison des tresses et
maison des tresses et lacets
maison des tresses et lacets
atelier maison des tresses et lacets

The House of Braids and Laces, alongside the banks of the Dorlay River and behind the walls of a former textile factory, witnesses a rich local industrial past. This place, thanks to its natural environment, the essential role of water and the hydraulic installations built in order to harness its power, and also its architecture, stands as one of the last representatives of the numerous factories that existed in the valley.  

The workshop, filled with wooden braiding machines, becomes for the time of the guided visit the living conservatory of a unique – but still unknown - expertise. Our association’s goal is to revive this distant echo from our collective memory.

Events in 2017


20 May 2017 - 12 November 2017

"à points brodés"











Children workshop

25 & 28 October

1 & 4 November 

How to craft a dreamcatcher

"Noël en Tresses"

Christmas event

25 November - 3 December

Exhibition - Ephemeral shop

The House of Braids and Laces is part of the collective Lieux et Mémoires de nos Vallées.