Métier Perrault. 

Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers

Paris - 1783.

Richard Chambovet          1772- 1851

In 1748, an englishman from Winchester, Thomas Waldford invented the first braiding machine. Then, a German from Barmen, Bockmüll, built a machines that braided laces. In 1783, a man from Normandy named Perrault perfects these mechanics by tuilding a wooden machine that will become the definitive version. 


 In our region the braids and laces started in 1807. Richard Chambovet came to Saint-Chamond and started a business of braids and laces, produced by "Perrault" machines. 
























  In 1850, the factory was run by his three sons, with more than 300 employees. 


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